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Bhutan Sewala Sanctuary
Welcome to the Sewala project! When an important institution like Sewala falls apart, I believe the culture is in trouble. It's not the buildings themselves so much as the teachings that ring from their walls. Take a look around and see for yourself.
A sanctuary of peace in the clouds

An historic moment...

That's our blue and yellow tent. The air was blustery cold on the roof of the world, but the feeling was indescribable. It was an eight hour climb by horseback up a cascade of mountains that disappeared into the clouds. For AMICUS to be invited into this sacred sanctuary was a great and special honor.


Patient, courageous, and disciplined

The young students we visited at Sewala live and study in tiny rooms like these. The newspaper on the walls is to keep the freezing wind out. There is no heat, light or electricity. Icicles hang on the ceiling.

Still, the smiles and spirit of this young student were so infectious that I break into a grin whenever I think of him. If that were me, I'd be so grumpy you wouldn't want to be anywhere near me! This is the power of a culture practicing tolerance, patience, virtue, loving kindness and concern for others.

Studying at Sewala in the freezing cold
Not what you'd expect inside Bhutan's center of learning...

Enter at your own risk.

Sewala Gompa is one of Bhutan's great and historic centers of spirituality and education. We couldn't believe how broken down and damaged it was. All of us were saddened and deeply troubled, not because a building was falling apart, but because a culture was crumbling.

Young children and monks remain so dedicated to their cultural traditions and practices that they sleep and study outdoors in make-shift huts. Bhutan's great institution of Sewala is decaying, and with it the heart of Bhutan's culture.


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