Amicus Foundation: Who we are: James Winkler, Bill Kreutzmann, Matthew Kelly, Je Khenpo, Lyonpo Jigme Thinley

Venerable Gembo Dorji
Royal Advisory Council of Bhutan, Member of National Assembly

Geoffrey Drucker, JD
Chief Counsel
US Government
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Donald Fagen
Musician, Composer
Steely Dan

Satya Gabriel, PhD
Professor of Economics
Mt. Holyoke College

Lopen Karma Gelay
Secretary, Board of Education
Royal Government of Bhutan

Gilbert P. Hager, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Matthew E. Kelly, Sr.
Insured Aircraft Title Service

John Piccaro, MD
Family Practice

Gardner Quarton, MD

Steve Rogoff, MD
Family Practice

Bob Weir
Musician Composer
Grateful Dead


James L. Winkler
Matthew B. Kelly
Make a difference in your life....
                 make a difference in someone elses'
Who we are
Waking up to a Bhutanese sunrise. Counterclockwise from upper right, James
Winkler, Dorrie Winkler, Mary and Matthew Kelly, Dhyana Winkler, and Sonam, a Bhutanese child who adopted us for the day.

Chief Executive Profile / Founding Director

James Winkler, PA-C has practiced medicine in Hawaii for 22 years, and serves as President of Kauai Community Health Alliance while also caring for patients as a medical provider at Hale Lea clinic. Winkler graduated class president from the USC School of Medicine Primary Care PA Program in 1984 and has advanced training in functional medicine. Teaching appointments include Pacific College, and at the Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency Program. Professional memberships include the New York Academy of Sciences, and the Greater Los Angeles Nutrition Council. Winkler has been a published medical newspaper columnist for many years. He is also the founding director of a non-profit humanitarian organization, the Amicus Foundation, which sponsors projects in medicine, education, women's needs and cultural preservation. Also a professional musician Winkler has worked with Charles Mingus, Gabor Zabo, Benny Powell, Johnny Guitar Watson, Alex Acuna (Weather Report), Bill Kreutzmann (Grateful Dead), Donald Fagen (Steely Dan), Todd Rundgren, Makana, and many others. He presently resides in Hawaii with his wife and artist Dorianne (

The AMICUS family
Executive Vice President Matthew Kelly (left), Julia Butterfly Hill and actor Dennis Weaver

Musician, songwriter, and record producer, Matthew Kelly's music career has spanned over thirty years. He has performed and toured extensively with many of the worlds most renowned blues musicians including T-Bone Walker,Brownie McGee, Champion Jack DuPree, and Mel Brown. Matthew has on numerous occasions performed live with the legendary band The Grateful Dead, as well as being a guest artist on three of their records.

In 1973, along with Bobby Weir of the Grateful Dead, Kelly formed the well known band Kingfish. Kingfish, along with several other Grateful Dead offshoot bands with Bob Weir, kept Kelly on the road and in the recording studio until 1998, when he made the decision to leave the music business and dedicate his life to charitable work. Although Matthew was no stranger to doing benefit concerts throughout his lengthy musical career, it was not until his association with environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill, his co-recipient of the Ark Trust Genesis Award, that he was finally moved and inspired to devote himself full time to benefiting others through working with the Amicus Foundation.

Mary Kelly grew up in Vermont on Shelburne Farms , an estate created by her great grandparents, Dr. William Seward Webb and Lila Vanderbilt Webb. In 1972 Mary and her family became founding board members allowing Shelburne Farms to become a non-profit environmental education center which is still enjoyed today by thousands of visitors. During the 1980's Mary completed the Waldorf Teacher Training Program and was an active board member at Rudolf Steiner College. She also received her Early Childhood Education Certificate and has taught kindergarten at the Waldorf School of the Peninsula. While working as a nursing assistant in the '90's, Mary returned to school, became an RN and received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Public Health Nursing certificate. Today, both Mary and her husband Matthew are running Amicus Foundation of Thailand .They have two children who are both graduates of Montana State University.
A founding board member, Dorianne Allister Winkler started her career as a professional musician, working and performing out of Los Angeles for over a decade. Her work as a musician eventually gave way to her passion to benefit children. Ms. Winkler has been a children¹s educator now for over fifteen years teaching in varied capacities in both public education and private sector. Since 1996 she has worked almost exclusively developing and teaching conflict resolution skills to children in the Hawaii public school system. Her programs for the prevention of youth violence have been called innovative and insightful. Presently Dorianne is living on Kauai with her husband, working with children and pursuing her art. Her works are on-line at
An important bridge for the Amicus Foundation in Asia, Dhyana Winkler is fluent in Tibetan, French, speaks some Nepali and is learning Bhutanese (Dzongkha). She has acted as translator for the Nepali government and local newspapers, helping interview recent escapees from Tibet. Graduated Cum Laude with High Honors from Mount Holyoke College, with a major in Economics and Asian Studies, she lived for several years overseas doing research in Nepal, Bhutan, India and Tibet. While living abroad Dhyana filmed Little Miracles, a documentary about Tibetan refugee nuns and orphans living in Nepal, which was later broadcast on Bhutanese television (BBS).Most recently Dyana is living in Paris, France pursuing her Masters in Film.

Our Advisory Council and Board of Directors bring together many disciplines including medicine, economics, education, dispute resolution, law, spirituality, and the creative arts.


AMICUS is working to preserve profound and beautiful cultures which may soon be swept away by the forces of globalization and consumerism.

AMICUS is working to give hope to women and children by providing them with improved living conditions and opportunities for education.

AMICUS is working to keep traditional communities intact, helping them to maintain their integrity and spiritual values.

AMICUS is working to help ancient cultures make a smooth transition into the modern world, helping them to enter the global community while retaining their spiritual and cultural integrity.

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Amicus has always allowed the needs and insights of the people we are serving to steer our work, rather than imposing culturally inappropriate solutions.

We try diligently to embrace these timeless words:

Go to the people
Live with them
Learn from them
Love them.
Start with what they know
Build with what they have.
With the best leaders
When the work is done
The task accomplished
The people will say
"We have done this ourselves!"

Our supporters in Bhutan include:

His Eminence the Foreign Minister,
Lyonpo Jigme Thinley

Dasho Sangay Wangchuk
Secretary of Religious and Cultural Affairs, Bhutan

The late Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche

Venerable Lopen Kado

Councilor Gembo Dorje
Member of the Royal Advisory Council
and Bhutan National Assembly

Lopen Karma Gelay
Secretary of Education
Royal Government of Bhutan

Samten Dorje
Principal of Tango Shedra,
Bhutan's poet laureate

His Holiness Jamgon Kongtrul Tulku

...and many other wonderful people too numerous to mention.

4217 Waipua St Kilauea, HI 96754 USA

Year Founded: 1987
No. of Board Members: 5
No. of Full Time Employees: 0
No. of part-time Employees: 0
Volunteers: 6-10
Locations Served: Bhutan, Tibet, Thailand, Nepal
EIN: 95-4047820
Amicus is a d.b.a. of Cloudless Sky Vajrayana Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Mission and Purpose

Amicus works with orphaned children, destitute families, disenfranchised women and imperiled cultures in Bhutan and Thailand. We sponsor projects in medicine, education, women's needs and cultural preservation.


AMICUS/Cloudless Sky Foundation programs include:

  • Supporting cultural centers in the Himalayas that provide a basic education to women, enabling these women to contribute social services in their remote communities.
  • Supporting orphaned children, families at risk, and the elderly in Bhutan and Thailand.
  • Building a Performing Arts Center and Cultural Heritage Center in Bhutan.
  • Developing educational community centers and libraries for children in rural Thailand.
  • Helping develop the National Library of Bhutan.
  • Providing medical aid overseas.
  • Helping Thailand's poorest families by providing them with food, clothing, and basic living necessities.
  • Providing tsunami relief in the south of Thailand.


Accomplishments to date:

  1. Constructed two educational community centers and libraries in rural
    Thailand providing services to many villagers and children.
  2. Began development of the Cultural Heritage and Performing Arts
    Center of Bhutan in order to help preserve this imperiled Himalayan
  3. Provided eye care to children in 12 remote villages throughout
    Thailand (Unite for Sight).
  4. Provided architectural planning, financial assistance, support, and
    Amicus volunteers for the development of Children's World Academy in
    Kapong, Thailand.
  5. Provided English teachers at Nongboat School in Isan, Thailand.
  6. Expanded the resources of the National Library of Bhutan and a
    public library in Isan, Thailand
  7. Provided food, clothing, and emergency housing repairs to some of
    Thailand¹s poorest communities.
  8. Sponsored Simtokha School and Orphanage in Bhutan.
  9. Sponsored historic Sewala Monastery and Educational Center in
  10. Reconstructed and expanded the Ani Gompa Women¹s Community
    Center in eastern Bhutan.
  11. Provided educational scholarships for two Bhutanese students to
    study at the University of Hawaii, USA.

Future Objectives:

  1. Fundraising to support 400 orphaned children and 200 impoverished
    women in the Himalayan country of Bhutan.
  2. Funding of our International Scholarship Program, allowing
    recipients to further give back to their families and communities.
  3. Implementing "Change a Child's Life" Program, giving Amicus donors a
    chance to "adopt" and establish a relationship with a child.
  4. Fundraising to begin construction of the Cultural Heritage and
    Performing Arts Center of Bhutan.
  5. Working to assist hill-tribe refugees, particularly along the
    Myanmar-Thailand border.
  6. Continued development and support of educational and cultural
    projects for the poorest communities in Thailand.
  7. Continued support for poor families in Thailand and Bhutan.

Additional Comments

Nearly 100% of donated funds go directly to support our projects,
reaching the people most in need. Our staff takes no salary for their

We wish to thank the countless number of people like yourselves who
have volunteered their time and effort to make the AMICUS vision a

AMICUS is a dba of Cloudless Sky Vajrayana Foundation
A non-profit 501(c)3, Federal ID# 95-4047820

4217 Waipua Street
Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii 96754 USA
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